Retain Sample Container of HDPE & Fibre containers


Retention sample Container

As per the Guidelines of FDA & Other Pharma regulations, A sample of a fully packaged unit from a batch of finished product. It is stored for identification purposes. For example, presentation, packaging, labelling, patient information leaflet, batch number, expiry date should the need arise during the shelf life of the batch concerned.

Retention samples should be stored in small quantity of samples, in small packing containers of HDPE or Fibre Containers and it should be same type packing type of Final Products. Retain samples should be Stored as per the Batch Nos. of Bulk Final Products for period of 5 years or for a Specific Period as per the requirement.

If Final Products are packed in HDPE or Fibre Drums then small quantity of Retain Sample to be stored in Small Packing of HDPE / Fibre Containers

As per requirements of Pharma / API Industries, we are making above Retain Sample Containers of HDPE & Fibre Containers in Various Sizes, Various Shapes & Weights.

  1. We are having Retain Sample Containers Sizes from 25 ml to 2500 ml
  2. We are having various shapes of Retain samples containers

(We are having around 50 type of HDPE & Fibre Retention sample containers)

Available in following Varieties:

  1. Fibre containers with varnish & Aluminium rings on both sides
  2. Fibre containers with chrome golden rings & polycoated
  3. Plain Fibre containers without rings

Available in following sizes:

  1. 65 x 55 mm
  2. 65 x 65 mm
  3. 65 x 95 mm
  4. 65 x 110 mm
  5. 65 x 125 mm
  6. 84 x 105 mm
  7. 84 x 110 mm
  8. 84 x 125 mm
  9. 84 x 150 mm